People with long-term health conditions

People with long-term health conditions can benefit from a range of physical activity programmes that are available in Solihull. These can support the management of long-term health conditions and include specialist services, community exercise sessions and home-based options.

DocSpot - Exercise on Referral

If you have a mild or moderate health condition DocSpot is a great opportunity to improve your health through a programme of physical activity.

Cancer Rehab

Being active can support you on the road to recovery, opportunities include specialist Cancer Rehab exercise classes.

Cardiac Rehab

If you have a history of heart disease or are recovering from a heart op, exercise can help, there are even specialist Cardiac Rehab exercise classes.

MS & Parkinson’s

There are a variety of local opportunities for people that have MS or Parkinson's Disease, including weekly specialist exercise classes at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre.

Strength & Balance

Taking part in strengthening and balance activities has major health benefits and improves quality of life. There are lots of local community exercises and home-based options to try.

Better Breathers

Regular exercise can help you to manage your respiratory condition, find support and activities here.