DocSpot Exercise on Referral

DocSpot is a 12-week physical activity programme for adults with long-term health conditions and those at risk of developing a condition. It is a great opportunity to improve health and wellbeing through a supported programme of physical activity. Qualified exercise referral instructors work with you to create safe and effective physical activity plans. These are designed to meet your individual needs and goals.

How to join in:

DocSpot is available to Solihull residents aged 16 and over, who have an existing health condition or other risk factors for disease. Being physically active can help prevent and manage over 20 health conditions.

If you have any of the following health conditions and would like to join please contact your GP surgery for a referral into the service.

  • Cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease, stroke & high blood pressure.
  • Muscle, bone and joint problems (e.g. lower back pain, hip/knee replacements, arthritis and bone-thinning).
  • Diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes.
  • Lung/breathing conditions such as COPD, lung disease and asthma.
  • Depression, anxiety or stress-related illness.
  • Cancer diagnosis.
  • Overweight/Obese and requiring exercise for weight reduction.

Your surgery will complete and sign a referral form for you and will give you a copy.

To start the programme, contact the venue of your choice and book a DocSpot induction. You must take your completed referral form with you to your induction.

Full information about the service can be found in the Patient Information Leaflet.

DocSpot Venues:

Once you have been referred by a health professional into DocSpot you can book your DocSpot Induction at the venue of your choice:

Man using resistance equipment at Tudor Grange gym

DocSpot provides the information and support to adjust your lifestyle and be more active, giving you a helping start. It is not a ‘cure all’ for your health and will require your commitment to be effective.

DocSpot Activity Programmes:

You can take part in a variety of different types of exercise at your chosen DocSpot venue. The activities available vary between DocSpot venues due to the facilities available. A DocSpot physical activity timetable will be given to you at your induction session.

Woman swimming at North Solihull Sports Centre swimming pool

Available activities can include:

  • Gym-based exercise programmes
  • Swimming
  • Gentle group exercise classes (e.g. Tai Chi, Aqua, Table Tennis, Walking Sports).
  • Walking groups

Other community opportunities and home exercise options:

  • Goodboost at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre: Good Boost creates personalised exercise sessions in the pool so you can move more, have fun and feel better. Ideal for people with musculoskeletal conditions and pain.
  • Step into Solihull: A gentle activity programme which includes local walking groups and gentle exercise sessions (e.g. Tai Chi, dance, walking sports, seated exercise and much more).
  • Living Well with Arthritis Services (NHS BSol CCG)
  • We Are Undefeatable: Ways to move for people with long-term health conditions, including 5 in 5 mini workouts and Make Your Move videos (15-minute instructor led videos).
  • Love to Move: This British Gymnastics Foundation programme is designed to get older people moving and functioning better, with these fun chair workouts suitable for people living with dementia.
  • Couch to Fitness: Get Fit For Free, get active from the comfort of your own home with Couch to Fitness by Our Parks. Specific pre-natal and post-natal programmes are also available.

Health Professional Resources:

These documents are specifically for health professionals to help refer local patients into the DocSpot Exercise Referral Scheme. All referrals must be signed off by clinical staff working for either a local GP surgery or UHB NHS Foundation Trust.