Get Support To Be Active

Across the borough, there are a range of services that can help you get active and support your health and wellbeing. These include physical activity services for families, older adults, people with disabilities and long-term health conditions, plus a wide range of other healthy lifestyle services.

Solihull Active are the Council’s leisure, sport and physical activity team in Public Health. We aim to improve lives by inspiring communities to be more active, more often and we support the provision of targeted services for the least active individuals in the borough.

You can also find more ways to be active, including physical activity sessions, groups and clubs on our Get Moving webpage.


Support to get active is available for children, young people and families, find out what services and resources are available across Solihull.

Older Adults

As we get older, it is important to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Find suitable activities and services.

People with Disabilities

There are lots of inclusive activities for people with disabilities across Solihull, from activities at leisure centres to local groups and clubs.

People with long-term health conditions

Looking for inspiration for activities or support services that are right for you and your health condition, find suitable community and home-based options.

Healthy Lifestyle Services

Find general advice and information about improving your health, lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

SAM - Solihull Active Minds

A community wellness programme that is seeking to use the inspiration of the Commonwealth Games to help people become more active and improve their mental wellbeing.