Better Breathers Exercise

If you have a lung condition, being active can help to improve your quality of life and help you manage your condition. You may be concerned that being more active and exerting yourself will make you short of breath and very uncomfortable. However, it is not harmful for you to get out of breath during physical activity, it is actually good for you.

This webpage contains information on: Specialist exercise classes, other community exercise sessions, exercising at home and advice/support.

Regular activity and exercise will:

  • Help you manage breathlessness
  • Strengthen the muscles that help you breathe
  • Help prevent infections
  • Increase your mobility
  • Strengthen bones and muscles
  • Increase your confidence
  • Make daily activities feel easier
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety/low mood

Specialist group exercise – Better Breathers Classes

The local Better Breathers exercise classes can help you to manage your breathing condition. Exercise together with other people who also have a respiratory condition, with the support of a specialist exercise instructor. Join one of our groups for a fun, gentle exercise circuit. If you have a lung condition such as COPD, lung disease or severe asthma then these are the classes for you.

Better Breathers exercise group at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre

How to join:

If you have breathing problems and would like to attend these classes, please contact the community respiratory team on 0121 424 4766. A member of this team will be able to refer you to the Better Breathers classes.

Local Venues:

  • North Solihull Sports Centre, Conway Road, Chelmsley Wood, B37 5LA.
  • Tudor Grange Leisure Centre, Blossomfield Road, Solihull, B91 1NB.

Community exercise sessions

There is a varied programme of local community physical activity sessions in Solihull, including:

Exercising at home

If you are looking to supplement your class activities or would like an alternative then there are other opportunities designed for people with respiratory conditions.

Advice and Support

You can also find other advice and support from the following organisations:

Adult using asthma inhaler, We Are Undefeatable campaign, Breathe in Head out