Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab exercise is designed to help people improve their health and recover from a heart attack, other forms of heart disease or surgery to treat heart disease. Opportunities include the local specialist community Cardiac Rehab sessions at North Solihull Sports Centre.

As well as helping you to manage your heart condition, being more active improves energy, fitness and quality of life, helps prevent fatigue and stress, and lowers risk factors.

Find out more reasons to be active for your heart health with this Moving Medicine resource.

Specialist group exercise – Cardiac Rehab

If you have a history of heart disease or have previously had a heart attack or heart surgery then this specialist exercise group can support you and aid recovery, helping you get back to your best.

The specialist exercise instructors will help you get started and support your progress in these weekly sessions at North Solihull Sports Centre. You can expect a fun and friendly atmosphere with plenty of support and advice, and exercises to suit you. These sessions are also designed to follow on from the local hospital classes.

To join please ask your GP or Cardiac Specialist for a referral into Cardiac Rehab.

If you have successfully completed the local hospital Cardiac Rehab, or have had a previous cardiac event or a history of heart disease, please see our Information Leaflet for more details about the local community Cardiac Rehab sessions.

Community exercise sessions

There are also a variety of other community sessions you might wish to consider, dependent on what type of activity you’d prefer to take part in. Opportunities include:

  • Step into Solihull is a programme of gentle exercise sessions (e.g. Tai Chi, dance, yoga, walking sports, seated exercise and much more).
  • Get moving with free activities, such as local walking groups, cycling activities, table tennis and more.
  • My Solihull Map – Find other community activities, groups and organisations near you.

Exercising at home

If you prefer to exercise at home and/or want to exercise more regularly then the British Heart Foundation have Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise videos. Please note: you should only use them if you have received a cardiac rehabilitation assessment and started or completed a programme.

More home exercise opportunities can also be found on our Move More @ Home webpage.

Other support and guidance

Health Professionals Information

These documents are specifically for health professionals to help refer local patients into the specialist community Cardiac Rehab exercise sessions (BACPR Phase IV). All referrals must be signed off by clinical staff working for either a local GP surgery or UHB NHS Foundation Trust.