MS & Parkinson’s Exercise

Being active is important when you are living with MS or Parkinson’s and there are a variety of local exercise opportunities available. These can help you self-manage your neurological condition and include specialist group exercise classes, community activity sessions and home exercises.

Being more active, more often can have a whole range of benefits, even though the symptoms of MS and Parkinson’s can make it more difficult to exercise. These benefits include:

  • Improving walking, movement and balance
  • Helping you to manage the symptoms, including muscle fatigue
  • Lifting mood, confidence and improving quality of life

Find an activity that suits you!

Specialist group exercise – MS & Parkinson’s Classes

Weekly specialist exercise classes for people that have MS or Parkinson’s Disease are available at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre. They are delivered by exercise referral instructors and the exercises are adapted to suit your needs and capabilities. For further information please view our MS & Parkinson’s Exercise Class Leaflet.

You can contact Tudor Grange Leisure Centre on 0121 705 6371 to book in and register for your first class.

Leisure centres

Everyone Active: Free membership to those with Parkinson’s AND their carers, available at North Solihull Sports Centre and Tudor Grange Leisure Centre. Everyone Active in partnership with Solihull Council, are taking part in the new initiative alongside charity Parkinson’s UK. It gives access to gym, swim and group exercise classes (excluding specialist exercise classes), contact the leisure centres directly to sign up.

Other leisure centre memberships are available including concessionary rates, and pay as you go options.

Community exercise sessions

There is a varied programme of local community physical activity sessions in Solihull, including:

  • Parkinson’s UK Solihull Branch – Visit the ‘Activities & Social’ section of their website to view their current exercise opportunities.
  • Parkinson’s Table Tennis – A coach-led indoor session specifically for people with Parkinson’s disease at Beechcroft Multi-Sport Community Club. All ages and abilities welcome, with equipment provided.
  • MS Society Solihull & District Group – View the ‘Events’ section of their webpage for their regular exercise classes.
  • Step into Solihull programme – A gentle activity programme which includes local walking groups and gentle exercise sessions (e.g. Tai Chi, dance, yoga, walking sports, seated exercise and much more).
  • Get moving with free activities, such as local walking groups, cycling activities, table tennis and more.
  • My Solihull Map – Find other community activities, groups and organisations near you.

Exercising at home

Make Your Move Videos - Still image from the We Are Undefeatable campaign

If you prefer to exercise at home and/or want to exercise more regularly then here are a selection of resources you might find useful:

Exercise advice for people with MS

We Are Undefeatable Campaign Story - Mark has MS and enjoys being active.

In the past, people with multiple sclerosis were advised to avoid exertion. However, it is now known that regular moderate exercise is important to maintain general health and wellbeing. Many people with MS experience fatigue but this will not be made worse with the right type of exercise. Exercise builds up endurance and strength in muscles without increasing fatigue.

The attitude of ‘no pain, no gain’ does not apply in MS. Our local specialist MS exercise classes will not push you to exhaustion, the exercises are adapted to your own fitness levels and capabilities.

Additional advice and guidance for exercise and MS

Local support group: MS Society Solihull

Exercise advice for people with Parkinson’s

Exercise is good for everyone and is particularly important for people with Parkinson’s disease. Muscles and joints tend to get stiff and rigid, but exercising regularly can help. The options of doing exercise either sitting, standing and/or lying down means that anyone can take part. It’s about finding the right exercises for each person.

Moving Medicine: Additional advice and guidance for exercise and mild-moderate Parkinson’s

Moving Medicine: Additional advice and guidance for exercise and later stage Parkinson’s

Local support group: Parkinson’s UK Solihull