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Historically women have always taken part in less sport and physical activity than men. This has been through the life course, in school and education settings, through working life and retirement. This gap has been shrinking, that’s not because more women are taking part, but less men are being active. Covid decreased activity for both men and women taking part in physical activity and sport, however women have been slower to bounce back. (Source: Sport England Active Lives survey)

Solihull Active would like to support women and girls to be more active, through This Girl Can Solihull.

Why should women be physically active?

There are many benefits of being active, and you can gain benefits, no matter what age you decide to become active. Starting young helps to create a healthy habit for life. Exercise has been proven to be beneficial in all stages of a woman’s life,  helping with period pains, pre and post pregnancy and also through peri, post and menopause. It’s a great way to stay healthy, but also importantly, it’s a fantastic way to make new friends, develop social circles, learn new skills and have new experiences.

Top tips to get active – This Girl Can Solihull

  • Easy does it. Begin by making small changes, don’t try and do everything at once! 
  • Small victories still count! Even if you only manage 15 minutes – it’s all worth celebrating.
  • Try a beginners programme to start with, one that provides some structure and eases you in slowly.
  • Don’t worry about not feeling fit enough to do exercise. It’s really common to feel this way.  
  • Remember, you’re not alone. There are plenty of others, just like you, looking to get active, why not exercise with a friend and make it a regular catch up.
  • Get organised – if you’re juggling a lot of things, you might find planning ahead a useful way to make sure you find time.
  • Enjoy how exercise makes you feel rather than what you look like.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – you’re doing great, just as you are.
  • Be your own coach – set goals that work for you.
  • Reward yourself every now and then. You deserve it! 
  • Think Active have lots of information and support in their #Period Power campaign #PeriodPower – Think Active

Sport England’s This Girl Can re-launched

Sport England have been running their This Girl Can campaign since 2015 to encourage women to be more active. In February 2023 they re-launched it focusing on four key action areas – sociable, suitable, self-affirming (helping women feel confident) and safe.

Watch the video to find out more…

Where can you be active?

My Solihull Map has lots of activities for you to try, find an activity near you by searching a postcode or click the icons on the left hand side.

Other ideas to be active: