SO GO! – our year long physical activity campaign

So Go!


Our So Go campaign has now come to an end. It was a great success in raising awareness of the opportunities to be active across Solihull.

We were proud to feature local people being active in local facilities across Solihull. Unique posters were developed and they were seen on car parks, schools and bus stops. Also on the back of local buses all across the borough. The campaign also saw successful social media engagement across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Over 328,000 people saw one of our So Go images – many recognising their friends and family. There was over 27,000 people accessing our website

Ideas of how to be active

There is lots of information on our website to help give you ideas of how to be active:

Get Moving – Solihull On The Move will give you ideas such as cycling, walking, table tennis, swimming and running.

Get Support To Be Active – Solihull On The Move will give you ideas for specific groups of people such as children and families, older adults and people with long term health conditions.

Promote your community activity on My Solihull Map

We can help promote your activities by including them on My Solihull Map – where residents can find places to go, things to do and people to talk to in your neighbourhood. Request your activity to be added by contacting [email protected]

Montage image banner of people being active