SAM – Solihull Active Minds

About SAM

People living with poorer mental wellbeing is rising, SAM demonstrates a commitment from organisations across different sectors to increase opportunities and support for residents to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Sport England, through the Commonwealth Active Communities fund have awarded Solihull funding to deliver SAM.

A community wellness programme to help people with poorer mental health to be more active.
Partners involved in SAM include Living Well UK, Solihull Active, Colebridge Trust, Think Active, Solihull Council and NHS.

Our Vision

‘If we connect our partners, then we can begin to mutually understand each other and build on the strengths of each partner. Because the system wants to improve the health and wellbeing of residents’

Guiding Principles

  • Non-authoritative
  • Start of a generational change
  • No judgement
  • To create a sustainable solution
  • A project for healthier, happier residents
  • This is about movement, not sport
  • To give hope
  • To be 100% accessible, to everyone

What SAM is trying to achieve

  • Improved knowledge of where to take part in physical activity and sport
  • Reduction in physical inactivity of people experiencing deprivation
  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Active travel and cleaner environment
  • People using places and spaces – parks, canals, cycle paths, streets and pitches
  • Pride of local space and area
  • New local partnerships between organisations
  • System wide values recognition

‘System Solutions’ Grant

To help provide more opportunities for residents to improve their wellbeing and move more, Solihull Active Minds (SAM) is launching a System Solutions grant. The grant has been designed to provide more accessible opportunities for community groups to access funding and support. This is achieved by innovative application methods, supporting constituted and non-constituted groups and offering support and advice beyond the funding to help you grow.

Applications are now open! To apply download our grant SAM Grant Pack.

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