Eat Well Move More

Eat Well Move More is a healthy lifestyles programme for families with children aged 4-16 years and up to 25 years with additional needs, who have concerns over their child’s health, and would like support and guidance to make healthy lifestyle changes. The Eat Well Move More programme includes healthy eating and nutritional advice, tips and ideas for being more active, fun activities and games as well as interactive resources for the whole family to get involved.

Join Our Eat Well Move More Programme?

Do you have concerns over your child’s lifestyle? Or you may have received a letter as part of NCMP (National Child Measurement Programme). You can join our programme by clicking the link below. One of our friendly Health Trainers will then get in touch to arrange your initial consultation.

Health Professionals such as G.P.’s, Dieticians, Paediatricians, and/or School Nurses can all refer children and young people onto the programme, through completing the Referral Form below.

This form is available in different formats, if you would like it in a different format then please contact 0121 704 8207 or [email protected]

One-to-One Programme (4-16 years)

  • Families have an appointment with a Health Trainer to gain top tips, fun ideas and support in improving their families lifestyle, as well as being informed on how they can all stay more active.
  • Programme available: Mondays to Thursdays
  • Number of one-to-one sessions: 4
  • Duration of sessions: 30-60 minutes
  • Period of programme: 12 weeks
  • Venues: Currently offered at Solihull Council House, North Solihull Sports Centre or a community venue at a time suitable for you and your family

Community Programme (7-11 years)

  • Community programme starting early October 2023 running from Knowle British Legion Club facilitated by the Solihull Active Health Trainers
  • Programme available: Tuesday’s 4:15pm-5:45pm
  • A family based healthy lifestyle, 8-week community programme, where families come together and learn practical ways to support the health of their child/children. this includes eating and physical activity support.

How much exercise do children need?

It’s recommended children are physically active for at least 60 minutes a day, with 30 minutes of this outside of school.

This includes 3 sessions a week of exercise that strengthens their bones and muscles, so variety is key!